Saturday, July 14, 2012


Oggy Bleacher Laws Criminalize Poverty

Are Democrats Allowed?

The Human equivalent of anti-poor laws.
I really am annoyed by these laws that humiliate and restrict poor people's movements. But I've had other problems for the last week, namely total deafness in my right ear and ear ringing and constipation from the B&J Pizza and my own empty wallet and my lack of job and I'm so horny I get a hard-on at the crack of dawn, etc. But I fixed one of those problems with a ear wax removal kit that softens the ear wax and then you squirt some water to remove the excess. I had a TON of earwax that had been pushed into my ear canal by the oil poisoned wave that hit me on Padre Island. I really was starting to be afraid that I was going to be deaf forever. So this morning I followed my instinct that something was actually blocking my ear drum like wax or a piece of seaweed and I was either going to a clinic and giving a fake name or else this water flush system had to work. Well, it worked and out popped a plug of poisoned wax. Now I can hear that lovely Tinnitus ringing in my head perfectly!


Anonymous said...

It could be worse. We had a lady come in tonight that either got this from a netty pot or from swimming in lake winnepausaukee. Look it up. I don't squirm easily but this made me squirm all night. I am betting on the netty pot theory. Nasal Myiasis. GROSS.

Oggy Bleacher said...

you r right. that's horrible.

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