Tuesday, July 24, 2012

JJ's Words of Wisdom

"A closed mouth doesn't get fed."

My buddy JJ got out of jail a few weeks ago in New Mexico. He was arrested for capital murder, kidnapping, torture, theft by deception and hindering an investigation. There were some other drug charges that were immediately thrown out when the attorneys started haggling over coffee. JJ finally was found guilty of wrongful imprisonment and and accessory to torture. He spent 9 years in jail but likes to say it was 10 because he spent three years before his trial even was held. 7 years was spent in solitary confinement, maximum security with 20 minutes to go to a yard and jog in place where he could see a cloud or two through a window at the top of a wall.

"I'm 60 years old. I won't fight you. I'll knife you and drag your guts through the dirt." (JJ swiftly pantomimes gutting a man, but winces when his hernia scar stretches)

JJ is sorry for what happened and if I told you that the person who was murdered was a child rapist and drug and arms dealer with a bad habit of stealing from other drug and arms dealers then that probably wouldn't conjure up much sympathy for JJ. But JJ is a good man who has ethics that stretch beyond the fabric of the constitution each state has written. I shook his hand and he thanked me for job tips in the area. He called me "Sir."
There is a hardness in this land of colonial criminals that will never be softened. JJ is a product of that nation and it pains me that his skills and his life are being marginalized when hedge fund cunts and currency traders twiddle their thumbs in a gimmick that destroys planets but are worshiped. The black market will always lure men to the shadows and there is no 911 response time to black market crime. It's handled "in house". JJ mistakenly associated with some men who proved to be worse than him, who tried to throw the blame on him and almost got away with it. They'll be free in 2030.

"It depends on how hungry you are."
JJ, when asked about work prospects

JJ spent 9 years in jail and got out and was given $50 and a bus ticket to Albuquerque. A man in jail had given him a lead on a job. It turned out there was no such company and the number was disconnected. The man had probably offered him a fake job in exchange for kindness in the yard. So he hitched a ride through Texas.

"I'm not on parole. I served my time. I didn't have to pay the funeral restitution. Nothing. I went back in for 9 months to pay it off. Got knifed by two punks for thanks. But I've done my time."

He was a cook for years on oil rigs. Found religion in jail. Got a huge tattoo on his back of Moses raising poisonous snakes. Released into a world he doesn't understand but he is practical. He has no shoes and no money and no food but he is positive in outlook and will knock on doors to find work.

"You go to the labor hall. Do the paperwork. Wait around. Shows you're reliable. Next day, who knows, they give you a job. Make your money."
JJ, before he learned the labor hall disqualified him for his felony conviction.

JJ is looking for work. He's a good cook and will cook to order, short order and catering for rig workers. He takes direction well and can speak good English. For inquiries contact the Man in the Van.

"How did I know they were going to kill him? When I left they had pulled some teeth, cut him up. To get information. That was it. Next thing I know the state wants to give me the death penalty. Hey, you got a cigarette I can bum?"

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