Monday, September 24, 2012

Foxconn Riot

This is where I would write an essay correlating the recent foxconn riot to the global demand for digital products and how it is out of touch with human behavior. We want 3D cinemas inside air conditioned battle ships and so we sacrifice Asian peasants whose land was flooded to feed a hydroelectric plant that will provide power to the factory where the peasant now works making 3D projectors. And they are supposed to be gracious they were given the opportunity to assemble digital products, something I've only known maybe three or four Americans to actually do full time and they all had their souls reduced to lithium but do not hesitate to fund the industry that suffocates and destroys Asian lives.
Yeah, it's real practical to sit in a battle ship with air conditioning and watch 3D movies of WWII and American planes bombing the very cities where the components for the 3D projector are now manufactured. YEAH THAT IS FUCKING PRACTICAL AND SANE AND AMERICANS ARE DYING IN BENGHAZI SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO SWEAT AS YOU WALK FROM YOUR AIR CONDITIONED 3D THEATER ON A BATTLE SHIP TO THE NEAREST FRIED CHICKEN BUFFET! What kind of freedom is that? That's fucked up and if you think 80,000 displaced peasants suffering in florescent lighting for 11 hours a day to ensure you get your phone is worth it then you are fucked in the brain. I'm tired and can not expand on this or spell it out for the imperialist jokers who wave flags and sing cowboy songs about drunk girls. I'm embarrassed for my country like a parent whose kid robs a liquor store to sell the booze to buy drugs to get a crack whore high so he can get laid and then the kid says it's no big deal because sex is natural. OK! LET'S ALL THINK LIKE 15 YEAR OLD KIDS!
It's past my bedtime.

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