Monday, September 24, 2012

Super Powers

The morning begins at 5:50 when the Kansas City coal train shatters the calm with its horn as it crosses the NPID access road. Oggy rolls out of bed in much less pain and discomfort than when he suffered with his head in a corner and his feet on the wood stove. He stretches his scar tissue out and massages his fingers in the Chi Gong healing tradition. Oggy is not healthy in the traditional sense but his priorities technically include mental and physical health since his grandfather insisted that health was the only thing that matters. Stretching is the only health regime that Oggy needs to follow since his day is generally 11 consecutive hours of grueling physical labor. That is when his Super Power Underoos come in handy.From 6 am onward the day is total chaos.

Italian American Moped

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