Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lava Lamp

I didn't have a lava lamp in my Greg Brady adolescence. I am from New England where you were considered a hippy if you liked The Beatles. They didn't make Red Sox Lava Lamps. But I'm digging the lava lamp now that I have a power source. From the outside my van looks like an oasis in the desert with painted gates to reveal a comforting home where gypsies play music and steal your wallet but leave you with a smile and a fortune of widsom and a

Speaking of puppies I have a pet Ferret or wild weasel now. He's living in the scrap from the RV I demolished. It's an island of misfits here playing country music and dreaming of star ships.

* If you think the sound effects of the car coincided with the movements of the wax in the lava lamp then you are probably smoking some Purple Haze bubonic chronic in Venice.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't that thing make it ridiculously hot in your van? Or is it so inconsequential that you don't notice it among the 112 degree heat of the night?

Anonymous said...

Truthfully, it's so hot the wax never completely hardens so I don't notice it except when my arm touches the lamp and brands me.

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