Wednesday, September 5, 2012


My tenure at the trailer park ended without much fanfare. No ceremonial watches or long speeches. I cleaned out my refrigerator that I'd packed with food and split 15 minutes before 5. I didn't even cry over that $2.50 I left behind because I took that many gatorades along with me.

I also purchased and have my blog published there now. It turned out was already registered. It dawned on me that the blogspot domain reeked of cheapskate, which is what I am, but a domain only costs $3 a year so really I'm not that cheap. I also wanted more exposure because I'm tired of arguing with only Roslindale and seeing 7 people read something I wrote in three hours. It's bullshit. This probably won't make any difference but I'm trying.

I'm looking for riders to Mexico. You have to be a philosopher and interested in winning the war on drugs in Mexico through literature and love and bongo drumming. We can make a difference! And you have to have some money or be willing to learn to knit and make arty belt buckles and wear gypsy clothes.

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