Saturday, September 1, 2012


I'm living in the desert. Baby leaf footed bugs live in my van. They hatch on my moped. I'm hungry. I'm working but even with no overhead I'm shockingly broke. I pinch every penny but the man wants two nickles. I don't drive anywhere. I've managed to reduce gas costs to $2 a day by parking near my work. When I first started I was driving 30 miles a day and spending $10 in gas. Now I drive 2 miles a day and spend on average $2. I'm doing this out of necessity but it will become a requirement soon. The insanity of driving as you please and commuting is killing everything in the world. There is a war in Asia but no one seems to care. There are no sacrifices being made except by the men with guns. This is not a "land of plenty" anymore. Maybe it never was. That's a fable told to immigrants looking for work. It's bullshit and the reality is men filtering water from coolers in vans, working to be poor. My advice to anyone is to stay where you are. America is totally oblivious to reality. "Land of opportunity" is a marketing slogan, not a fact.


Anonymous said...

My oppurtunity is knocking. Can I answer the door or should I slam it in it's face?
I will answer it, take some gov't money and buckle down for the next two+ years so I can become some one who has to care for you.


Anonymous said...

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Oggy Bleacher said...

The paradigm you describe is so fucked up that you really must be deluded to so casually adopt it as a virtue. The government is 120 trillion in debt. What "money" are you talking about? Oh, the counterfeit paper they print? Yeah, it's worth less than a baby lead footed bug's shit. It's a land of swine and laughing hyena fucks who hammer more crooked nails in the coffin of philosophy. You do what it takes to survive. I'm only pointing out that you can't fly with fake wings. It's called "Falling" and just because we've got a long way to fall doesn't mean you are flying.

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