Saturday, September 1, 2012

Asia uffet

No, I didn't break in. This is as busy as this mall gets.

Classic 1985 Mall Atrium Design
 I went back to the mall on the hottest of hot days. 108 degrees. 50% humidity. It felt like 140. Totally crazy. A bottle of milk burst open in my van and now it smells rancid. I fled to the mall and watched Abe Lincoln Vampire Killer. Not a bad movie if you are 17 and like comic books. It was tolerable and in 3D I'll bet it was even better. I'm reading "Unholy Night" by Seth Grahame-Smith while these images upload. He wrote the Abe/vampire story and also "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" I'm sure Seth was a popular man in his science fiction literature class in High School.

This is the famous escalator from Legend of Billy Jean. They wouldn't let me on the stairs.

You thought I was kidding

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