Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Robe and Crown

We Shall Wear a Robe and Crown... The Nelons pretty much slam dunk this song. The recording I have does a better job mixing the background singers but it's evident this is the music that will usher you into heaven. It's got like five flawless key changes. I'm saving up for lessons in this style of music because it's southern gospel but basically Western without the Swing. Fast tempo to best lift up your spirits in the presence of the Lord and make you give witness and praise to the Almighty.

Maybe it's just my own Marty Martyr complex to suffer on the path to glory but the dirt beneath my nails is petroleum from the depths of the earth and was former landscapes for lizards the size of barges on the Mississippi and flying lizards who ate donkeys alive. Mankind has been here for 2 million years in 4.5 Billion span. That's like the last two minutes of a 24 hour day. And my atoms will eventually become the grit under some future mechanic's fingernails. I hope The Nelons' music survives past the rapture so other sinners can enjoy it.
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