Thursday, September 13, 2012

Watch Out

I was determined to see if I could get internet access in the repair bay...and I succeeded. Officially, the Coastal Bend of Texas has the worst weather I've ever lived in. The most inhospitable place ever. 110 degrees every day. 70% humidity. Then a rain storm comes through that swamps the entire area. Then the heat comes back and it's 90% humidity. If there were no oil and natural gas reserves here the place would be deserted. It's awful. There hasn't been a nice day of weather since last October. So we're going to destroy the atmosphere so 1% of the population of earth can digitally connect with fake friends and live phony lives while trading fake currency? Is that the plan? And people really wonder why I'm trying to find something authentic. If you are not outraged then you are too plugged in.

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