Friday, October 19, 2012

Be Back in 10 Minutes

I've been able to write infrequent notes hinting at my status because the man-camp my company has set me up in has internet access and I've kept my laptop computer running with copper watch parts and hair pins and mutilated soldering tips. But that is about to change and with 72 hour work weeks and likely interruption in the lackadaisical lifestyle Oggy is accustomed to living with Jazz guitar and philosophic ponderings and futile longing for love and friendship, I want to prepare everyone for a delay in updates. I'm sure the next mistake I make will be my last with the company and I guess I get what I deserve for not catching on to the protocol. It isn't the job itself, which I could do myself, but it's fitting into a team under my own assertion of will. What the younger generation lacks in self reflection and universality, they make up for with eager aggressiveness to make a buck...even if it means doing something wrong as long as they do it faster than you...and as long as they ignore any long term impacts of their activity. Bravo, philosophy is dead.
I admire their mindfulness but struggle to mindlessly take orders that have fundamental detail gaps. This may be my downfall but it will fulfill me in other ways. Balance is not a strong point of mine.

So, my vacation at the Texas Luxury hotel is over and I embark for locations unknown. I know the general vicinity I'll be living in and aspire to rent a conventional apartment with walls and electricity and a space for a piano. That would be awesome. But knowing how precarious the whole affair is I'll definitely delay my purchase of a ranch house.

And so I'll be back to maintaining radio silence unless a nearby McDonalds has strong internet connectivity and I can invent a way to power my laptop from my own burning resentments. Libraries are closed on the one day I have off and although we don't work in the rain or thunder we're in the middle of the worst drought since 1936 so I'm not holding my breath for a rain day.
I have a lead on a location to rent and I'll try to update my fakebook status with grinning pictures of my ego when I get the chance. Until then....amuse yourself to death.
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