Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Easy Money

I was all ready to take the stator out of the goldwing when the boss told me he needed help recovering a truck 6 miles down the beach. I'll speculate and say that some punks saw this truck, stole it intending to strip it, went so far as to put another stolen license plate (over the original plate) and then got cold feet because they bragged about it to the wrong they took it to the beach and set fire to this 2010 Ford FX2...and maybe moments before they lit the flames the took the hood and the radiator, or maybe someone discovered it after the fire burned down and took it but probably the parts were taken before the fire was set.

And I'm not sure when it was overturned. They tried to take the catalytic converter to sell but forgot a tool set and couldn't get the tie rod off to pull the muffler out. It was a real messy show.
what this vehicle looked like yesterday
Blah blah blah, Oggy to the rescue in his underoos. We turn it back over and because the sand is too soft for the wrecker the boss drags this shell 6 miles through sea turtle habitat to the asphalt. At one point I was riding in the back of another pickup truck as beer cans were tossed out the window into the polluted Gulf...and the driver yelled back, "Tell me if you see anything wrong." and he meant like a small child caught under the truck...but I was thinking, "You mean like we're towing a burned out shell of a stolen truck that has no front tires in the middle of the night over land that was once Karakawan Indian and then Spanish and then Mexican and then Texan and then Confederate and then American? Is that wrong enough?"

But I kept my mouth shut because my memory was flooded with thoughts of my own long ago journey on a Galveston Beach when my car was sunk in the water and I ran beneath Scorpion and Orion and Cassiopia and I was young and innocent.


Anonymous said...

As alwaysm well said. I remember your words from the Galveston Beach "Of all that I see I will be the first to go." Ain't it the truth. Nice truck, once.

Oggy Bleacher said...

I think it was stolen, driven to the beach, stripped, and then set on fire. And when the fire truck arrived they turned it over on purpose to best remove the gas tank.

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