Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sky Clearing

Another storm has arrived actually but metaphorically the sky above my head or inside the weather chamber of my mind has opened up a bit. My mechanic buddy asked me why I was leaving.
I said, "If you don't want a stray dog to hang around then you stop feeding him."
Meaning that when I do full time work and don't get paid then the boss is either assuming that my camping here with the junk heaps is worth $400 a week or else he doesn't think my work is worth anything. Either way it's the end of our business relationship, so I'm on the trail of a real job taking full advantage of the energy boom in Texas. I didn't know that people get paid $24 an hour and work 60+ hours a week linking electrical wires in the smoldering desert. It's not my dream job but they don't expect me to last longer than 5 months. $1700 a week is the kind of money that makes me review my J. Carruthers guitar order. Yes, it is.
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