Thursday, October 4, 2012

Man Plans to Write Second Novel

A local man who plans to write a novel announced today his plans to write second novel after he writes the first one.

"It's the best follow-up novel on the century," said Duncan Reece of Detroit. "I don't want to go into details because that's not my process, but it's a slam dunk."

The man said that his plans to write his first novel have been going so well that he's already planning to write his second novel.

"No, I'm not done with the first one, but I've basically got the outline finished in my head. So it's as good as done. I figured since I'm so close I might as well start planning my sophomore novel. And boy do I have a winner."

Mr. Reece is a full time employee of an accounts processing firm. His coworkers said that this was the first they had heard of his ambitions to be a writer.

One coworker looked confused when he learned the news, "A writer? Duncan? I don't see that happening. He hasn't sent me an email with a single complete sentence since I've known him. He types with two fingers."

Duncan's mother announced that he would "Be good at anything he sets his mind to."

Duncan defended his dream, "Sure I'm not a published author but neither was Hemingway before he got published. I don't care what people think because I'm going to finish my first novel and then knock out my second. Really, I see a trilogy with big film potential.

At press time Duncan was "not in a creative mood" so he was watching Family Guy and laughing with popcorn flying out of his mouth.

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