Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dry Season

I want to demonstrate the oblivious nature of the nation without revealing my own oblivious nature so it's difficult. Basically, it amounts to this: a dry riverbed in Texas must mean that everywhere is dry. And a clear sky over my head means that there is no storm anywhere. And since birds and bees don't elect presidents then I pay no attention to anything of that nature. If I want to embrace the true oil field mentality then it would be to ignore anything of any importance that happens outside of my own crew digging trenches through rocky Kaliche in the dusty mesquite while the gas flares bellow flames as metal dragons in an uncaged domain. Isn't that something everyone can relate to? And if your world involves something like lack of power or lack of a house then it isn't my concern. But that's not really embracing the mentality because it recognizes your existence. Actually, most of my compadres have no comment on the east coast storm of the century because it did not involve them. One person said, "What storm?" That's the kind of oblivion that is cultivated out here and I've fallen prey to it without time to digest awful social media and flagrant gossip on the interweb.

We showed up at work this morning and the boss said, "Obama called me and told me to lay all y'all off."
Men grumbled and vented hatred.
"I can't believe that asshole got reelected."
"Well, now the oil field is fucked."
"Son of a bitch wants to shut us down."
"Might as well start looking for a new job."

I was puzzled because I'm new in this place and also because their pessimism is misplaced. Obama is not going to shut anything down. The Keystone pipeline will definitely find a way to reality. Hydrofracturing is booming and nothing short of an invasion of unwashed hippies will stop it. Every drop of retrievable oil will be sucked from the earth in South Texas. I guarantee that and actually that's my current task.

But there I go again thinking in universal terms. Turn up the George Strait and pass me a cold beer.
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