Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fort Inge

Let's not forget that Oggy is trying to learn about and understand his world. So this quest to Historic Fort Inge was a deviation from his sexual perversions and environmental rape. Climbing to the top of this bump of coarse red rock was no small task since there is no trail (Texans don't aspire to climb nameless hills) and the rattlesnakes guard every step and Oggy's feet are worn from 72 hours of abuse in the oil field.

Highest Point in the County
  I think the original founders of Fort Inge picked it because it is close to a river (now bone dry) and because this bump was the only recognizable landmark for miles. They guarded the mail.

Crop Circles in Drought Ravaged Land
 I always wondered how those long irrigation mechanisms worked because how could they move laterally and still feed water? Well, they don't move laterally, they move in a circle around a pivot point and they are so huge that to an ignorant gypsy passing on the highway they look like they move laterally. But climb to a high point and you learn something.

Dry Leona River Bed. See the Van?
 P.S. I didn't expect to hate modern country music as much as I do but it is purile and shallow and awful and annoying and we listen to it all day long when we aren't listening to the worst gangsta rap.

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