Thursday, January 31, 2013

Trivial Facts You Would Know if You Were A Man

1) How does an underwater welder manage to weld metal underwater? Don't worry, it's only something that your entire destructive way of life depends on. Nothing too serious. I'm sure you could figure it out given enough time and starvation was sniffing at the door of your emaciated children.

2) How many volts are the power lines carrying when the linesman works with them? When the electromagnetic pulse occurs at random intervals during the day what must the linesman do in order to avoid being cut in half by invisible electrical currents?

3) Average lifespan of an Ivory Coast gold miner? Yeah, GOOGLE IT! THAT"S REAL FUCKING IRONIC>!

Take your time. It's only a short quiz to demonstrate the stark difference in what you like to think of as your life and how ignorant you actually are of the foundations it is built on. Then you can get back to the coffee and donuts and reality television about fat chicks in tight dresses hiked above their ass like baboons in heat.
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