Thursday, January 31, 2013


Of course you know modern culture is repulsive to me and symptomatic of a corroded worldview. But when something forces itself past my blighted and depressed attitude then I will share it. The sr500 ibanez bass guitar for instance. Or the credit card sized HIV test. Or tacos made with Dorrito flavored tortillas. And a few songs by a band named fun. Their "Some Nights" album is not bad. It has at least 5 quality tunes. Probably won't win best album grammy but maybe best song. But the title track isn't my favorite. It's a good video but the song is actually unrelated to that video so I have to object. This song, "Why am I the One" is reminiscent of The Beatles with a strong chorus and good phrasing and good structure.If George Martin were alive today he could make this band huge.

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