Friday, February 1, 2013

Paper Doll

Maybe I can't record all my 1920 obscure tunes but I can definitely release my Standards Album.


Anonymous said...

i think i heard the heat cmon the last night that I had stayed with you. I watched it go as you posted your fingers on the pixel tape.
I used to adore the whore at my door. But now is time for you to die. Please don't forget me. I am paper in your head. Please don''t hate me I am heavy like the fragile cause of your life.

Anonymous said...

That is a girl


Oggy Bleacher said...

I am the whore who walks the cold sidewalks of your destiny, buying verbs and adjectives from the junk dealer in Richmond...I paid dearly for use of the word "desperate".
A drunken mentor walks with crooked teeth through the valley of his own desperation. His shadow casts out the wicked and invites the fallen to a barbeque. I forget no one and that is why my step is heavy with the weight of barbarous memories. But I hate everyone and will die when the time is right.

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