Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A La Plancha

Jawa Decompression Cable Bracket

I don't know if there is a philosophical correlation between these two topics but if there was it would be "no frills" or "Honest"
Mopeds use a feature called a decompression cable to release compression in the single cylinder so when you are pedaling to start the thing up it is easier since you aren't fighting against the compression of the engine. Then you release the lever and it compresses the cylinder at exactly the moment of ignition and you might start the engine... We managed to lose track of the simple metal bracket that holds the cable housing so when you move the lever only the cable moves and that engages the valve on the cylinder. I put the word out to my moped forum friends and came up empty. The Jawa is not a bike anyone knows much about.  But we found the bracket and I can sleep. It's not essential to start the thing but it's essential for all the parts of the universe to be aligned again in my anxious brain.

Tilapia A La Plancha Con Arroz
The taco carts of La Paz, specifically Hermanos Gonzalez in the downtown area, are totally fresh and honest, like a Jawa decompression cable bracket...the empanizado tacos are too tempting to resist even though they are fried, but the oil is good for the joints and they tasted too good to care about health of my fragile heart. With the Anaheim roasted chilies and some green and red salsa and lime and salt and a glass of Jamaica for 40 pesos...I wept tears of contentment every time I ate there sitting on the wooden stools, platicando with international airs of superiority, my Vietnamese silk scarf wrapped around my neck in the evening chill. Now, when they recognized that I was a good customer they started to let me taste their other offerings and one that stuck with me was the A La Plancha fish with garlic, grilled with no breading...on a corn taco. Made me want to eat my own fingers...

This should not be hard to make even though 100% of fish in the ocean have mercury poisoning and especially the cesspool known as the Gulf Of Mexico is filled with corexit and oil dispersants thus making sure all the fish and crab there are deadly to eat...
But Tilapia are probably farmed in the vast recesses of Rush Limbaugh's asshole so they are relatively safe to eat. Onion and garlic and roasted poblano chili and instant rice round out this meal that might prevent heart disease from forcing me to an early exit. But those Hermanos Gonzalez tacos...worth the trip to La Paz or the emergency room, whatever the case may be.

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