Monday, March 11, 2013

Czechoslovakian Restoration

This borders on madness...a 1976 Czech moped missing all the igntion components, which turn out to be one of a kind things called Tranzimos and Thyristors...

Thyistors are designed for high speed switching of large amounts of electric current. Their first use was in the precision timing of conventional explosive charges used to compress the radioactive materials in nuclear weapons order to initiate chain reactions. They are one of the banned items that were intercepted when a German company attempted to ship some to Iran. The Jawa peds are unique as they spanned the gap between breaker-point ignition and the CDI ignitions.

Maybe I do belong on American Restoration. I fouled the sparkplug of course seconds after I had it running but that was probably the fact I left residue of dirty carb cleaner in the tank. But it ran for a second...and that's one second longer than the last 15 years.

This is awesome. A fuel petcock that can be completely disassembled.

here's a video
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