Monday, March 11, 2013


Muskrat Falls meets Muskrat Man
It's funny that now this really is a picture of the past when I was pretending to be from the future. I remember that when I was setting up this shot I slipped on the wet rocks and I wasn't worried about drowning because I was sort of past the falls area, but I hurt my back and almost broke a leg quite a distance from my van and totally out of the path of average people. Eventually I'll fall in and I can swim about as good as a brokeback slug.

It's not a beret, it's a sleeve of a shirt
Watching the footage from the trip to Labrador it's hard to believe I made it this far. My goal was Ellesmere Island but most of the film footage is of me fixing the van, fixing my computer, mending clothes, foraging for food, fighting swarms of mosquitoes, gathering wood for the stove, eating roasted marshmallows, ranting and laughing on some lonely cliff, chewing on clothes started fitting more and more loosely as I drove north. There was no food and I have a bad habit of ignoring hunger. I can't even fit into those size 32 bellbottom pinstripe pants today and they were loose on me in the picture, continuously falling around my ass.
There was a time when waking up in a city like Durango or Torreon would've been exciting but I can't say if trekking through Labrador was any more stimulating than being homeless in Corpus Christi trying to maintain 40 year old mobile homes. They all have their own unexpected crisis moments. One reason I prefer Labrador is because the police don't treat me like dirt. There are other reasons that should have been revealed in the video but the director went now it's a self portrait of mental decay.

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