Sunday, March 10, 2013

Great Commanche War Cry

Mostly Cloud to Cloud strikes

One thing I like about Uvalde is the lack of streetlights. I can see constellations that are totally obscured by the Brake Check/Taco Bell/Hunan Buffet light pollution insanity of Corpus and Austin.

I thought the tree outline would be cool...note my van about to be crushed
And when the rare thunder and lightning shower passes through there are few lights to ruin my 8 second time delay photos. I thought I'd get a better shot with the video camera but the resolution turned out horrible. So these are the only two good shots I got for 20 minutes of fireworks. For some reason the lightning happens so quickly and nothing else moves so it's not a blur...I think the camera is so stunned by the light that the blur is permanently imprinted on the frame...even if the frame lasts for 8 seconds. I don't really understand why the lightning isn't blurry.

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