Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dedicated to Broken Hearts

While 1966 is a year of music that makes me quiver with delight, 1962 also deserves special attention specifically because of Sam Cooke. It's a rare voice that can sing simple words with real emotion. It's part acting and part entertainment and part reflection on the lovers who never returned your phone call or left you waiting at the bar.
This tune has been covered quite a bit by the greats; Van Morrison did a cover version of this song back in 1974 and it's pretty good but without even hearing Sam Cooke's version I know it's going to be the winner. I don't know if this particular recording is the best but it's one of the few times I pity a happily married man because Sam Cooke and Otis Redding make heartache and loneliness cooler than contentment. It's a little ironic since Cooke was the one staying out late at night...maybe he was writing from the perspective of his jilted lovers.

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