Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nouveau Riche

I wanted the inlay to say "Western Swinger" but decided against it. It's like a tattoo for your guitar.
 I did more damage to the guitar face taking the old guard off than the new pick guard is going to protect against. It sort of irks me that the guy couldn't get the stems in the right direction. Notes below the middle line have the stems go up. Notes above the middle line have the stems go down.

once upon a time I had to do this whole procedure inside my van, stoned, while rain leaked through the roof

I pinched and punctured one tube putting it back on the rim. That's why I bought two. The second one I man'd up and didn't use any pry tools, just my bare hands and chest hair. The trick is to use both thumbs on the exact corner of the tire. Push it over the rim lip and then move an inch. Pry tools on a moped tire are asking for a puncture.
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