Monday, May 6, 2013


I'll give you $1000 if you see someone actually riding this monstrosity on the street. Fucking trophy piece for gear heads who disrespect Senor Honda's vision. WHY DON'T YOU PUT MAG WHEELS ON IT AND STICKERS THAT SAY WHAT AN ASSHOLE YOU ARE?

I don't have my guitar with me or I'd sing a song that expresses my disdain for this kind of abuse of vintage bikes. 1973 CB 450 turned inside out. The worst part is they left the Honda badge on. Why? It's like a whore using her married name to pimp herself out. Like assholes who tell me what kind of accessories to put on my van. WHY DON'T YOU BUY A 1969 VAN AND PIMP IT OUT YOURSELF? Keep your neon and computer systems in your cell phone where they belong and I'll pass your sorry ass up after the apocalypse hits in a few years.

It reminds me of the Harley Davidson rally they have in Texas where they get some 1981 CX Honda Silverwing or Twinstar or Goldwing and start it up and then charge $1 for a few wacks with a sledge hammer. "For a charity" The guy who told me the story (because I traitorously declared my allegiance to Jap bikes) was a bit embarrassed when he told me all those tough Harley guys couldn't kill the Honda with hundreds of sledge hammer hits.
"It kept running. Finally, we set it on fire."
The fuckwad who ruined this CB 450 did worse than any hammer. And it's fucking unrideable. WHY WHY WHY?

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agreed///////signed chicken fucke...

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