Monday, May 6, 2013

Where Your Energy Comes From

The only thing missing from this cartoon are the hundreds of animated men and women who are the human element to this process...and the deafening roar of dozens of trucks...and the dust...and the lightning storms...and bewildered hogs and deer and illegal immigrants hustling crank across the borders. Oggy is also not pictured in his bell bottom pants installing automation devices. This narration is a little slanted but that's what Chesapeake paid for so I can't blame them. I think this issue will reach a conclusion with the demise/decline of humanity. Energy has allowed our species to propagate beyond the capacity of the planet. That has driven wages down as the labor pool exploded.

A funny story that should make you laugh your swollen belly with jiggling Taco fat is the guys I work with who came back from Afghanistan and Iraq where the blood for oil program is working perfectly. The elites of Oil-stan all agreed to the invasion basically to get rich but partially to provide work for the poor of their countries. Go ask them how that worked out. Hahahaha. All the labor jobs went to Kenyans and Napalese immigrants trucked/trafficked into the Middle East with women to breed future prostitutes. So, they got bombed, fucked, invaded and then their jobs were given to the poorest people on the planet, whom they probably already hated for historic reasons. Hahahaaa. I get resentful when someone honks at me at a red light. You probably do too. So how do you think you would feel if your grandmother was bombed, your country invaded, and then you lost your job to a starving tibet monk? Oh, I forgot you can't think outside the shame box that you built for your filtered ego. Go back to your cheerios and keep scratching your ass about the state of the world.

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