Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Worst Thing I Can Confess Today

I'm old and aching this week. How did I get involved in Oil Field hydro fracturing? HOW? I prayed to God to send me some sign that I could improve my life and the sign I got was a job in the Eagle Ford Shale area as an industrial electrician/I&E tech/Automation Tech/ etc. So, that set me up for the reality which is any kind of electrical installation will have to be prepped in a carpenter/masonry way. So, I can not raise my arms above my shoulders because in order for our installation of a large Variable Speed Drive cabinet to move forward we had to pour a 5'x5' concrete pad 6 inches deep. I think that's like 12.5 sq ft...which amounts to twenty one (21) 80lb bags of just add water concrete. That 1680 pounds of concrete personally hauled into the plains of Texas. Guess how much water that involved? 40 gallons. Oh, and there are three cabinets so multiply everything by 3. 5040 lbs of concrete. How much electricity is involved? None. I just wiped sweat from my encrusted face and grimaced in pain.

Oh, I know I should be thankful for the work. Sure. You Steinbeck fuck. God gives all things to industry. Yep. Feed me another line of Bullshit. Temperature in the 101 range. The van thermometer read 119 and reminded me of bleeding sweat in Austin last year while everyone laughed at my misery.

That's all I want to talk about regarding work. Am I buying a $3000 guitar with this money? You bet your ass because I can't think of anything else that is worth this kind of agony.

Anyway, the worst thing that I can confess this week....( I want this to be a weekly theme column) is that the hair on my ass has grown shaggy and when I take a shit I can not wipe all the shit off as it gets caught up in the hair because of the decrepitude and arthritis in my I must scoot my ass to the bathtub and wash my ass off, which reminds me of the scar tissue from THE FUCKING STAPLES THEY USED ON MY ANUS WHEN THEY SLICED THE HEMORRHOIDS OFF. That's the worst thing I can confess.

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