Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Top 10 Movies Oggy Shouldn't Like But Does

10 - Point Break
9 - The Lost Boys
8 - Dumb and Dumber
7 - 48 Hours
6 - Young Guns
5 - Ghost
4 - Crossroads
3 - Xanadu
2 - The Mummy
1 -  How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days


Anonymous said...

I gotcha on most but crossroads and 10 days?

Why shouldn't you like point break? Fabulous acting and stellar cast. the plot is solid.

"No one's been out, no ones going out. You gotta be fucking crazy man it's death on a stick out there, mate."


Oggy Bleacher said...

Point Break --- I don't know if the acting is good or the directing is good enough to hide the bad acting. I lean toward Kathryn Bigelow's directing skills making the difference. I love it but I feel like I'm betraying myself every time I watch it. I think of myself as a movie snob and Point Break is a movie a snob can't like. It's one dimensional...but it makes up for it with stereotypes in original makeup. I'm on the fence about it but I feel that if I can love Heaven's Gate or Touch of Evil then how can I also love Point Break, where surfers rob banks? But I do and I have to live with that burden every day.

10 Days is a chick flick with a generic ending but I love it because it actually harkens back to 1950s golden era premises by Billy Wilder or Neil Simon. Excellent premise...one of the best in the last decade. but it relies mainly on pretty chins and good lightning...the wit never lives up to the promise...but because the two leads are caught in their separate challenge without knowing they are at odds with one another, I love it, they actually have chemistry and charm. It's a rule among snobs that you can't like romantic comedies. But I'm guilty again.

Anonymous said...

You forgot Sleepless In Seattle

Oggy Bleacher said...

I never paid any attention to Sleepless because I was too busy watching Pretty in Pink.

Crossroads...I guess with guitars and a road trip I should like it so I think I'm referring to the whole premise, which is ludicrous. An old harmonica player goes on a journey to win his soul back...with the help of a guitar prodigy...who learns to play bottleneck slide blues in a contest against Steve Vai...in Hell...which is in Mississippi...and gets laid...by a pretty runaway...who breaks his heart...etc, etc. On paper that sounds stupid but I liked it even before I played guitar because it caters to my sensitive side.

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