Wednesday, September 11, 2013


"That doesn't really work, does it?"
My favorite scene is when Mozart plays (from memory after hearing it once) the "March" Salieri wrote in his honor. But Mozart immediately plays a theme and variation that demonstrates his genius...and diminishes Salieri's. Mozart can't help it.
Salieri says early on, "I prayed to write music that would be loved and that I would be loved." And I pondered this comment. Mozart couldn't care less about his own fame. He was infused with music and wrote what he heard in his head. I know this is the only explanation for his talent. You could say he was touched by God.

For us lesser mortals, the target audience of this movie, we have to work at it.

Salieri asks, "If God had not wanted me to be a musician then why did he give me the desire?"
Maybe the answer is that it isn't God who gives you the desire to do things like write forgettable music.

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