Monday, October 7, 2013

Madcap Washington

"At issue is how to reach an agreement to fund the government in the newly started fiscal year and raise the $16.7 trillion debt limit."

In a hundred years I couldn't create a performance art piece that is as insane as what I'm reading right now about the amount of debt the government is in. You say I'm crazy for trying to drive to Ellesmere Island to raise awareness about the arctic wolf?
Well, what does that mean about someone who thinks a $16,700,000,000,000 debt ISN'T ENOUGH???


This isn't Monopoly money, it my fucking taxes getting flushed down the toilet for bombers that sit in mothballs and battleships that are sunk to create artificial reefs off islands that will soon be underwater in an ocean that will soon be dead.

I'm a guy who buys the cheap cereal because it costs 40 cents less. Jesus, historians are going to have a field day with the mass trance that everyone is under to allow this. It's the opposite of hysteria, it's pure we're watching a movie that involves a country called America and we're all waiting for the credits to roll and we can go home to fuck Judy Jetson. The only reason the National Guard would follow orders is BECAUSE THEIR HOUSES WERE BOUGHT WITH THAT DEBT. It's amazing what kind of loyalty to oppress taxpayers can be bought with taxpayer's money. What irony to polish the same boot that crushes your neck. I'd kiss your boot but my lips are under your heel.

These fuckwads puff up their gullets and say with pompous confidence, "Government debt isn't the same as personal debt because we're borrowing from ourselves and there is tax revenue etc..."

You hear that, Kenya? All you have to do is borrow a few trillion against yourselves and that's OK. Look how good we're living. No need to struggle in poverty. Borrow what you want and put an IOU in the constitution with a note: "do not pay until all other countries are broke"


Like my bald headed grandfather would say, "If it looks like shit, and smells like shit, then don't call it ice cream."
Or like the convict in the aluminum factory told me, "You only have to look with your eyes."
I don't know what people are looking with but it ain't their eyes.
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