Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Unreleated Quotes Prior To The Collapse of America

"American adults scored below the international average on a global test in math, reading and problem-solving using technology — all skills considered critical for global competitiveness and economic strength."

"Does raising the debt ceiling increase the federal debt?
No. Lifting the borrowing limit simply allows the government to pay its existing bills. That debt exists whether or not Congress authorizes additional borrowing, and to avoid default it must be paid."

This is coming straight from the top. Borrowing more money to pay existing bills doesn't mean that we increase our debt.

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Lord, there are so many problems with this statement it makes me want to go back to 3rd grade in Somerville, Mass and pay closer attention to arithmetic instead of sorting baseball cards in search of George Brett's rookie card. What did I miss?

Oggy's 1st Law of Economics:

If you can't pay bills with your savings then
A) You default
B) You borrow more money to pay your bills....which leads to....


There is no way to flim flam around this fact but we've got everyone from CBS to Obama saying it's no problem. This is a watershed moment because either I've gone crazy or the rats are running the ship...but no one knows what to do. I feel moments like this have come along in every civilization and the ones that survive are the ones that face the facts and the ones that fail are the ones that swallow every lie in the hopes that the big con won't affect them.

I feel that the Republicans have been waiting for decades to draw the line to let a Democrat take the fall for this debt and they found the perfect patsy with Obama and the perfect front with the affordable care act.

I was so far in the wilderness of the oil fields today, savaging the Roadrunner habitat, running over iguanas, squashing black widow spiders, crushing King snakes, all to milk the earth of a little more oil and thus money to gloat over, my pockets filling with poisoned loot...that I could only get Sean Hannity on the radio. And Although I hate his tone of voice, his blase attitude, his haughty introductions and selective amnesia...he couldn't be faulted for pointing out basic truths about the debt...that if it doesn't get smaller then it gets bigger and if we can't pay for what we funded then it's going to get bigger...in fact, it's going to get bigger no matter what because we're trying to borrow money from our future to pay off bills that already exist...not merely loaning ourselves money for future projects. No...that would more like how Communist China builds coal plants. No, America lacks even the foresight to go into debt for the future...we go deeper into debt for expenditures that already failed. Pretty fucking bright.

What Hannity is so quick to forget is that two Bush presidents, Reagan, Clinton, Nixon, Ford...every president has ignored this problem because it fit their agenda. Now there may be a chance to let Obama shoulder the entire blame. This is why I say if you scratch a Democrat you get a Republican. It's the Coke/Pepsi challenge played out on a large scale...I go to Dairy Queen to take a shit and every person in there has a size 45 waist, women shuffling up to the counter to order some kind of deep fried Arctic Wolf on a pretzel taco and smothered in cream cheese. Their 10 year old daughter weighs 40 pounds more than me. The toilets are empty since every patron is constipated with the flowback dollar menu found at every corner neon magic flush fucking mart. Keep shoveling the weekly special abomination combination down your fucking faces.

I have to laugh because I drive to work each morning into a landscape that looks like where Mad Max dies....absolutely hellish....lifeless....flames cooking the sky...fetid water laying in dead pools...the earth belching poisonous gas...enabled by lies and twisted science, lust for money, greed, socially inept madmen with grand ideas of progress...and the ignorance of the masses; only the addition of IEDs and enemy combatants would make my day more dangerous, although the drunk hog and dove hunters shooting randomly in my direction do add a certain element of excitement. I feel like I'm the front lines but even though I've chosen the wrong side I'm finally on the side that is going to win. I've lost my sense of smell, spinal fractures, knees ruined, bowels clogged and sagging with the thunderous weight of a thousand Barbacoa fajitas. I'm either living in the past or the future and my dreams thrust jagged knives into my jaw joint. At&T Stadium where the Cowboys play football uses more energy than Angola. We must've hired some Canadian math majors to figure that comparison out cause everyone in America is too busy counting their fake money.

Like Winston Churchill said, "America always does the right thing, after exhausting all other options."

*I think the only argument for this is that if you owe $X amount and borrow $A to pay off a part of $X then you technically haven't increased your debt but have merely borrowed from Peter to pay Paul...or you've applied for another credit card to pay off a different credit card. Basically it switches creditors...except I still don't understand how anything has changed except debt has failed to be reduced. In Texas there are auto title loan buildings on every street corner. But one block away is another company with big billboards "WE PAY OFF YOUR AUTO TITLE LOANS" So, you get a loan on your car for $4,000. Then you make a few payments and when you are about to miss a payment (because you snorted all the loan up your nose) you take the loan contract and go next door to Usury-R-Us and say, "I'll sell my debt to you..." and they pay off your debt and now you own a different company a bit more on the strength of a car (that you probably sold for cash weeks ago to a completely different person)...but you bought yourself some time to keep the whole scam going. These are the most loathsome businesses I can imagine, 10th degree bottom feeders, patently ungodly, even Satanic, and our government is making them look like amateurs because obviously this method of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul would work if only there were an infinite number of Peters who were dumb enough to loan to us money...and in this case there are about 350 million assholes who keep paying their taxes to further devalue their own money. Next time a teenager maxes out his credit card and then realizes he can get another credit card with more credit and bounce the debt from one to the other and still keep spending his argument will be "That's what the government does..."

Furthermore; the debt never would've reached $16 trillion if this "magical economic debt theory" really worked. Right? It would've peaked at a few million and we'd keep borrowing from different Peters to pay the original debt as it shifted between creditors. But no, it isn't a few million, it's 16 trillion...which is over ten thousand billion. So what happened? Where did the theory fail? It failed because like any addict will tell you who needs more dope, getting dope is only a temporary fix between the point when you needed dope and when you need more dope. The country, as capitalism demands, must grow or die. Growth requires debt and waste. The waste only affects poor people or Africans who buy our toxic waste so we don't have to care about that, but the debt can't be so easily hidden...so we hire pundits and elect retards to flim flam us into believing anything on television...such as if we raise the debt ceiling this one last time then we'll finally go to rehab and get clean...and no more navy nuclear sub retrofits that burn up in port and no more over paid defense accountants or contractors pretending to build Domino pizzas in Baghdad and no more secret service buying Colombian blow jobs. WE PROMISE.

And who cares if we don't pay ourselves back? Don't tell me that's what it takes for the world to recognize our economy as a total fraud. We made the loan to ourselves and we can easily tear the IOU up...and we'll all pretend it never existed and everything will be like Dairy Queen Chocolate Apocalypse Blizzards with whipped cream and cherries.
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