Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oggy & Los Conquistadores

My vintage 1951 Lefty Frizzell songbook has some pictures that are making me think crazy thoughts. Why did he get to have all the fun? I want to tour with a band in a ridiculous station wagon and tear drop trailer with my name painted on the side.

How about decorating the exterior of the van as though I were a lost in time Western Swing musician on a Mexican performing tour?

I want the art to say "Oggy & Los Conquistadores - Western Swinger Tour - 1969" Or maybe the "If Not Now, Then When?" Tour. Like in a nostalgic font with a cowboy hat and dancers in dance hall bop dress. I might have to enlist an artist for this. Any volunteers? We could make fliers and post them to telephone poles, wall art, business cards, the concert tour T-shirts would be hilarious with a list of ridiculous concert locations on the back..."Battle Harbour, Labrador Sept 9; Soddy Daisy, Tenn Oct 20; La Paz, Mexico June 4. Now I'll have to make that t-shirt for myself.

I think it's a great performance art project although it could lead to a "Music Man" kind of climax.

The van needs a paint job and this would make it less creepy. People would introduce themselves instead of calling the police. A traveling musician gets a little more credit than a gypsy.

Of course, there are no Los Conquistadores to act as my band but maybe they would materialize. This act would really help explain my suede pants, cowboy hat and spurs.

Lefty & The Tune Toppers

Any 1950 car fans know what kind of vehicle this is?

Here's my attempt at designing a T-shirt. These cost $40 each. If anyone wants one I'll order them after I get enough requests.

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