Friday, October 17, 2014

Dedicated to Dreamers

Friday night is Cumbia night in Mexico. The cars with speakers on the rooftops cruise up and down the street promoting the DJ, half price tickets for the ladies, Micheladas are beer with tabasco and tomato and celery and sometimes shrimp.
Dream a Little Dream* composed around 1931 is in Nat King Cole's songbook so I'm revisiting it in light of the social decay that haunts me like a mosquito in the jungle. Hours of modal scales on the mandolin and charrango and piano make no difference really if I'm distracted. My brain anticipates Ebola apocalypse when it should anticipate half steps to disaster. Dianetics predicted my downfall, my aberrations, my clever engrams fatally condemning me to cycle my own torment. I have a whole box full of vintage sheet music I have to write about.

*Music by Fabian Andre and Wilbur Schwandt

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