Saturday, February 21, 2015

America Love it or Leave it

Classic Vietnam War song from a great artist named Ernest Tubb. The melody is pretty horrendous but I'm going to try and write a response to this with different lyrics directed at the Conservative Zealot. Jimmie Helms wrote it, not Tubb and I think once the general idea of the lyrics was clear he made no attempt to polish the melody. Goddamn Hippies runnin' wild! Can anyone confirm hippies burned down school? Is that a reference to college protests? The lyrics make sense but the claims are totally unjustified. But this is the kind of editorializing that is missing from today's music. I swear Rap and Hip Hop are the only socially aware music produced today. Everything else is generic. It's America (Love It Or Leave It) written by Jimmie Helms 

It's America (Love It Or Leave It)
written by Jimmie Helms



      D                  G
(It's America love it or leave it)

Well I'm gettin' mighty tired of seein' hippies runnin' wild
And burnin' down the schools and steppin' on the flag

Things are gettin' out of hand when you read about man
Who'll burn his draft car then hang around the pool room and brag
C                           G
Some folks think it's okay, but I wasn't raised that way
                   D                       G-C-G
And I won't be satisfied 'til I've had my say

It's America, you got no right to deceive it
It's the best there is, you'd better believe it
Good men gave their lives, so we could live to see it
     D                    G
It's America, love it or leave it


Things are goin' mighty wrong when respect for law is gone
And it seems everybody hates a uniform
It's kinda hard to understand when you read about a man
That's talkin' 'bout love and knockin' the place he was born
C                             G
If things don't go their way, they could always move away
                 D             G-C-G
That's what democracy means anyway


     D                     G      C  G
It's America, love it or leave it 

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