Saturday, March 28, 2015

He Always Goes Farther Than Father

He Always Goes Farther Than Father
Words and Music by Blanche Franklyn
Key: Eb Major

Looks like a kid scribbled on the front of this one.
I found this title interesting and in case you want to cry sexism, the song was written by a woman. Even odder is the fact that the 19th amendment was ratified one year before this song was published. So, women got the right to vote and Blanche Franklyn immediately pens a novelty comic song about a father and son who compete at seducing women. I like Blanche's spirit. We would've gotten along well because she followed her instincts and wrote the song that occurred to her and didn't dismiss her muse even if it was sexist. This is the life of an artist.

It's noteworthy that about 50% of women, like men, immediately declined the opportunity to vote. Of course the deep south states all opposed women voting rights, integrated schools, civil rights, etc. Mississippi, for example, ratified the 19th amendment in 1984, 64 years after the country had technically given women the right to vote. This poisonous State makes ISIS look progressive. It's living proof that all the benefits to be won from exploitation of slave labor will eventually be lost ten times over until your culture is actually more stunted than if you'd never left the year 1780. If you want to know what the punishment is for embracing slavery then go visit Mississippi. They've regressed to a kind of suspended larval state where education has become the enemy.

Not much info available about Blanche. She was a vaudeville singer/writer worked through the war years. Her song requires a steady tempo and also a top hat and a spinet piano on a stage on a Bowery vaudeville theater. I don't have these things at my disposal so I did the best I could do.

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