Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hat Considering another Patch

A cotton hat with a hook and loop adjustment back may be getting a new look. Despite the objections of his parents and the likelihood of having authority figures looking down their nose at him, the hat wants another embroidered patch.
A growing trend? 65% of hats get embroidery decorations

Referring to the embroidered patch in the center of his head, "I figure once I have one [patch] and I know it doesn't hurt too bad, then I'll get another. I really want a unicorn."
Hat: "I think it looks good. I want another stitch."
"Every hat gets 'stitched'," said the hat, using the slang word for embroidery. "I wouldn't want my sister to get stitched, but that's her decision to make."
The hat's sister is a handbag.

"Do I care what others think? No. It's my choice. I think it looks good."

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