Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Microsoft Help Paperclip Is Being Creepy

I turn him off but he keeps coming back!

Doesn't he know I'm trying to write a great novel. Fucking paper clip mocking me right in front of my face? What the fuck. I'm trying to write and I'm making progress and this fucking paper clip keeps popping up and it makes fun of me and jeers me. That gives me a good idea for a writing you are typing you can set the paper clip to mock and jeer you or encourage you with comments that are customized for that genre. Like if you are writing a crime mystery then the paper clip could appear and it could say, "ISN'T TIME FOR A GUN TO APPEAR?". and down in the corner a thought bubble could appear over a sleeping paper clip "This is pretty boring. Write like you're in a dream, man. No one wants to hear about a song on a radio."

But in my case the paper clips mock me and encourage me but they're being facetious and untrustworthy. They are being inauthentic. I don't trust them. These fucking paper clips think they are so important? They pop up and mock me with their insolent sneering eyes. It really galls me. Irks and annoys me.

I'm having a contest for someone to illustrate a funny picture to put on my button. the winner gets to share in the riches that are generated from the sale of this button...
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Anonymous said...

Look up "conquered by clippy" on amazon

Your friend Al.

PS I gave your email to a fellow land traveler

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