Friday, April 29, 2016


I have a bunch of currency from my travels and most of it will be made into crafts, but I was curious what some of it was worth so I researched the value and saw some alarming trends. Venezuela is the worst one, which is saying a lot because the Mexican Peso has lost about half it's value since I first started this blog and drove to La Paz back in early 2009. I settled in the Baja right around the time of a big crash in value that translated to making Oggy a rich Mexican. Little did I know that 13 pesos to the dollar was just the beginning and 7 years later it peaked at 19 pesos to the dollar. Before the housing crash of 2008 the exchange rate was 9.5 pesos to the dollar.

This is ominous. The Venezuela chart appears like pure political denial/deceit, followed by a quick period of devaluation. The others appear more honest political ineptitude.
Nicaraguan currency is steadily crashing, but the award goes to Venezuela for something bordering on epic collapse to make Greece feel slightly better about defaulting on 1.7 Billion. Venezuela's currency inflation rate is around 700% and it has lost 500% of it's value since 2008. The government is operating on 2 day weeks because it has no money to pay workers, and this shady article suggest it has no money to print new money.

What does this mean? I guess it depends on if you ask a Republicunt or a Demitard. A Republicunt will tell you it's a result of a failed Socialism, Communism failed again to adjust to an oil crash. A Demitard will say it's because multinational corporations conspired to cripple Venezuela's economy to usurp more global markets. Oggy's impartial opinion is that we are flying faster than our angels and get what we deserve.

These global decisions like Facebook and petrol-addictions are products of propaganda. We are being hypnotized by mass media and if you wisely ignore mass media for your own health then you are actually enabling the intellectual rape as much as anyone. We have grinning peacocks prancing on a podium with shit-eating grins, waving flags and kissing babies with tired pasty faces, lying to our faces in an all-out war to gain power. They say it's to represent America or "Make America Great" but those tropes have worn thin. The objective is to consolidate land and power and no slogan or promise is too manipulative to employ in this quest. Someone said that Democracy is two wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for dinner. I like to say that Democracy is when a dog owner asks his dogs if it's time to eat. The owner controls the food and the dogs always want to eat, but because the owner asks the dogs, then he gives the impression that they have a choice. And when the owner is finally ready to feed the dogs and asks the dogs if they want to eat, and the dogs say they are ready, then they think the owner is complying with their desires, because they have forgotten about the dozens of broken promises when the owner asked if they wanted to eat but did not feed them. All the dogs remember is the benevolent owner feeding them. In case you want me to spell it out: you are the dumb dog sitting in his own urine and Clinton and Trump and Cruz are your owners asking if you want to eat. Once again, the objective is not to "be rich", but to hide debt. Venezuela can not print more money so they lose. United States prints more money and they win.

This message has been brought to you by Zealots for Bleacher in 2016! 

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