Monday, May 2, 2016


I was going to post a clip of myself revisiting some melancholy songs on the piano and I'll get around to it once my chops are back in gear. As you can imagine, living in a bathroom next to a car wash parking lot in Mexico, under a Zumba studio is not super inspiring. 

I like Mexico in general and am now on a first-name, "Your regular table?" status at the local Senor Pastor Taco joint as well as the Yong Feng Chinese Buffet. But this familiarity does not transfer to piano skills, which were painfully acquired and easily forgotten. Many mornings find me wearing only a stained tank top with a pillow over my face to block out the sun. I don't want to get up and the ringing in my head has reached Edgar Allen proPOEtions. I don't get to use Poe in a pun very often so I took my chance.

...Sigh...the fucking trials of life, brother, are really wearing me down. I weather one storm after another, one ridiculous blunder after another. Reliving all my mistakes, cursing my fate, my luck, my personality, my choices, my parents, my era, my culture, my van, God. It's pathetic and that's the name of this Piano Sonata #8 by Ludwig: Ode to Pathetic Oggy.

Enjoy Beethoven. If you like classical music then go support some symphonies. See a recital. Beethoven music is one of the few guaranteed joys in life.

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