Tuesday, September 23, 2008

crossroad blues

Part XIV in a day in the life

Why not pay tribute to the original blues man...Robert johnson. That man lived in his fair share of vans and suffered for us all. He passed this gem down and it only truly sounds right when played by a man on the street. You sing with heart and you will go far. Too bad the man in the van isn't talented enough to make it on broadway, because he'd sing this song like a man done wrong by the boss.

The man in the van is at a kind of crossroads. Take a right and go to jail, take a left and end up a corpse in the gutter. What to do? Ain't we all just looking for a way to the source? Like Dorothy, we're clicking our heels and asking to go home. Then the hand of God comes down and crashes your commuter train into a freight train and you go flying through the air at 40 mph and crash into a pile of briefcases and seats that have been torn up. And you split your head open and lie under a burning hunk of insulation. There's no way to know when you number will be called!

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