Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mayor of RV Lane

Part VIII of a day in the life:

Oh boy, there's one in every bunch. Dennis is the Messiah of RV lane...not the mayor. Well kind of both. Who knows? He's everything. The dude is driving around in...well, he's PUSHING a VW van.

Thing is broke down and busted up. Must be a 1971 van. Everything he owns is in it. I met him because he was pushing the van into a parking spot. I helped out.
And then it begins...his plan to save the world starting with an army of homeless people installing solar panels on top of every building in Venice. He says these visions come to him at night, "Like those flip story books"
Technically he's on the money...if only we didn't live in what he calls "The Fourth Reich" in which the Nazis have returned under disguise to kill all the poor and foreigners. Solar panel installation would take place, I presume, right after we are all gassed and buried in the caverns they have dug for this purpose in Nevada.
The man in the van has heard some wacky shit in his day, but Dennis was firing on all cylinders. We would steam clean the streets.
I guess the problem is that the poor are despicable people as far as most citizens are concerned. They would see us working as the massah sees the house nigger washing plates. It's a privilege for us to work for them. I say fuck them. Fuck their condescending attitudes. Fuck their Bentleys and their Chryslers and the BMWs. How about this for a novel idea: Let the rich wash OUR piss of the sidewalk. LOL. I will take a fat dump in the middle of the street and Donald Trump can come on over and clean it up. How about that?

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