Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Part VII of a day in the life:

When the movie called J.O.B.S comes out then you will know where you saw the writer and star. This cool cat came out and said, "Shit you gonna be cutting up black people with that saw?"
We had a good chat and then he started harassing the women in the women's shelter next door ("You got a baby? You want one?") LOL

Well, you gotta take the good with the bad. HE could talk all day if I let him..and I let him talk a little too long. If you turn it off before the end then you will be in good company.
His screenplay was called "Jump Out Boys." Get it. J.O.B.S He said it was like Fight Club meets Reservoir Dogs. I said, "It's a westcoast Godfather!" And he agreed, though what that means was not clear.

Shit, it was about a drug dealer who sells pussy and gets busted because his choices were bad. My man kept saying "It's about choices." He claimed to be Al Jarreau's cousin. Living on the street. Selling busted sun umbrellas. Everyone always says that these colorful characters will make a good screenplay. Well, take a good look. Is this something you'd watch? Or pay money to watch. It gets boring after ten seconds. Why? Because these characters are stereotypes. One is a hustler. The other is a dweeb. What the fuck do they have to talk about? Nothing. So where is this movie going (the one with the dweeb and the hustler?) would it be like Pineapple Express? Sort of stoner odd couple? Bullshit.
I'm not buying drugs from him at the beginning, I'm paying him because he is a broke person riding around looking for work and hustling for change. I'm interviewing him and taking his time so he gets a buck.

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