Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Joe Holiday

I was playing some old Burt Bacharach songs at Joe Holidays Top of the Town lounge and restaurant in Laconia. http://www.topofthetownrestaurant.com/entertainment.shtml

Joe and me go way back. He used to do the old Akron, Ohio circuit and I was on the holiday inn starlight express circuit.
Anyway, if you're ever in Laconia around 5 pm and want to eat some prime rib then go to the Belmont Mall and go up the hill and get the early bird special. Ron (the chef, marine trained) will hook you up. Prime rib. PRIME! I had a long argument about the placement of Gouda Cheese in a quattro formaggio sauce and came out on the losing end. He said it is stringy. I insisted that if you cook it long enough then it will be creamy with the parmeggan and gouda and gorgonzola and fontina. those are the 4 winners. in myu opinioon anyway, Kathy is a nice gal and Joe Holiday played some Buffett songs and I danced with the ghost of all my ex girlfriends. god bless you all. It looks like Toshiba ordered some serious products so I can splurge and buy everyone a round of drinks. god bless toshiba and the dallas cowboys.

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Anonymous said...

Are you actually playing for real?

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