Monday, December 7, 2009


Venture: 95,740
Star Castle: 18,240

The audio board shorted out on the Venture machine so I had to listen to a high pitched squeal the entire time I played (10-15 rounds).
The Star Castle game is still only showing half the screen and it's the half where my ship starts every time so I have to guess which direction to fly in.
But with every goal there will be some obstacles.
I'm learning how to be gentle with the joystick because I'm not 14 years old (need I remind you?) and the strain on my elbows may prohibit me from taking the heat sink assembly job. We have to make choices and between Star Castle and heat sink assembly I think you know which is a priority.
Fortunately there is a music teach job opening near Nashua so that might give me a real job.

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