Wednesday, February 3, 2010

couch cover

This isn't an abnormal situation at all. In fact, because we were all sober at the time it was fairly normal. But we were drunk later.

Anyway, we were trying to get a couch cover on the couch. that proved to be hard. I called Mary a cunt. I said, "She's mentally deficient. fuck that cunt! Her OCD isn't my problem!"
it was funny.
this was just a basic situation at the house. I love it. I love these arguments about couch covers. there are no situations for how to deal. We don't have toilet paper cozies in our house. No! No ! No! We wipe our asses with whatever we can find. If there is dust on our assholes then we ignore it! Hannah Montana is never mentioned. This is a Hannah Montana free zone.
that's the situation here.

These are my people because
1. they have no toilet paper cozies
2. they argue about couch covers and then play poker.


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Oggy Bleacher said...

you are a miserable cunt. I will write a message to you calling you a miserable cunt. this is a private blog. you are a cunt!

Oggy Bleacher said...

Dear, cunt
you are spamming my blog.
fuck you
fuck you you whore
your brainless cunt
fuck you because you are a cunt
I hate you.
fuck you
buy a brain will all your money.
do you have a brain?
or are you merely a cunt?>

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