Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The problem with the blog...

Since it isn't taken seriously, I can write for hours about any topic with only an attempt to spell check but no real effort in the readability department. It's not like Al Gore is reading this. Because no one takes it seriously (even suggesting I am crazy) I continue to write anything that I think of...which leads people to think I'm crazy. See the cycle? I want to write for worldwatch or the institute for pubic integrity, but if you read their essays they are written by people like Vollmann. The essays make sense, they are written without accusing CEOs of being diabolical. Maybe that's what makes this a blog and not an institute. I live in a van, after all.
But I want to work for worldwatch or greenpeace so I'm going to start cleaning up the writing. I've said everything here like a million times. Why repeat it with the same emotionality? It's boring right?
So I'm going to read Greenpeace articles and see if I can match their style. Oggy grows up! This blog is also killing my 3rd person narrative style. I try to tell myself that's because writing a book is harder because it is supposed to appeal to everyone, but I don't want to struggle through the style. This is my voice, so how do I make it into a 3rd person book. Not, how do I change my voice to fit a 3rd person story?
I'm not Vollmann or David Foster Wallace. My 3rd person improv ability is horrendous. Those creative non fiction teachers out there ought to split these two things in half because they are not the same. Journalism is objective and informative. Creative non-fiction is objective AND entertaining. 3rd person non-fiction is informative and entertaining. Fiction is just entertaining. It's all about voice. Maybe I should write the santa cruz story as a pretend series of creative non-fiction. Like I'm a journalist living with Oggy in the plastic hut and then interviewing the mayor. That's an idea. So then it would be fact disguised as fiction disguised as creative non-fiction. Either way, it's not going to be done for the Amazon novel contest.


ed, still unemployed said...

did you see this yet? i thought i posted it, but now can't find my post. you can write like a 5 page essay on this video.

Oggy Bleacher said...

alright, mr musk ox, just relax. holy shit! I'm past this!

Anonymous said...

Go fuck yourself.

All best,

Al Gore

Oggy Bleacher said...

That was unnecessary. I'm offended. Al Gore, you cunt, why did you beat off on the election and lose to that double cunt Bush!??
Oh, he fucking killed this country!!
Oh, you cunt!
And I saw you bowing before Steve Jobs, blowing his cock. This is no good. You have to start walking on your own two feet. You should never validate Apple computers. Ever!!

You are a fraud. you whore! when you stop sucking leo dinardio's cock then will you please stop flying your lear jet around the world?? Please, you cunt>>?

ed, still unemployed said...

the battle at kruger rocks!

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