Tuesday, April 10, 2012


"I'm being followed by a moonshadow." Cat Stevens

Oggy pushed his maimed bicycle up the dark trail. The downhill side of the trail was so narrow that Oggy risked falling back into the ravine if he pushed from that side. But the Track side of the trail forced him to step over railroad ties or trip on the loose gravel. He wasn't being followed by a moonshadow but the presence of the white ethereal glow through the dense redwood canopy inspired Oggy to hum the melody from a Cat Stevens song from the innocent 1970s. Often reviled and villainized, criticized and condemned, like Oggy himself, Cat Stevens recorded the song for laughs with Tillerman dreams and Jasmine tea. The song danced around the tonal shelter of D major and the philosophic equanimity of blindness and amputation and destitution. "I won't have to cry no more," sang the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens and echoed by the forest elves in the green Santa Cruz arboreal domain.
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