Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nuclear Family

American Mythology

Since I've injured my back I've had some time to watch television and I'm repulsed almost the entire time I'm watching. Either we represent ourselves as gross and superstitious or we're too dumb to realize that's how we represent ourselves. This manual for the long extinct Sears Roebuck central air conditioner represents some kind of clue to our collective self image but I need help because my spirits are low and my condition is getting worse. I lack motivation and am not invested in our society, yet 6 year-old kids getting slaughtered makes me cry.

archaic schematic
I want to learn about this HVAC system but only to the point that I can fix this one out of date unit. I don't want to "go into business" fixing other people's heating units because that seems like a defeat and an abandonment of philosophical principles. It's like entering the world these people live in with the 3'' heel on the housewife bringing dinner to her husband like a pharaoh's slut while generic "daughter" plays with other Sears accessories. I'll be wifey likes her red baboon ass spanked when she gets fucked. hahahah. Is that a boy outside in the Saguaro cactus desert with a sled? Yeah, that makes sense. Nixon sent him off to Vietnam to act as a speed bump to runaway Communism. "Family Provided By Sears" It's all a myth like the ghosts who chase those flim flam reality ghost hunters on tv.
fan relay
I'll be the guy in the blue uniform who arrives at the door with my tool bag to fix your HVAC system. Serious HVAC repair requires so much training that you don't do anything but repair HVAC.
If you see me like this then you're an asshole.
Everything in its proper box for conventional Democrats who dick around while ALL THE WATER IS POISONED TO PURSUE OIL...Shit, at least I worked for the enemy. I didn't fuck around with my thumb up my ass learning new words on my spell check app. I'm so disgusted by cowardice and selfish inaction. Petty concerns are still petty concerns even when they are on a 92'' flat screen tv. You're still an asshole if a million people subscribe to your youtube channel to hear you review The Hobbit.

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