Sunday, December 30, 2012


I'm broken. This is basic HVAC wiring. HVAC 101 and I have flunked. It irks me that neglect and ignorance lands me in a frozen house. It also irks me that after 24 years as a devoted art and speech teacher in public schools, the owner of this decaying house doesn't have any money. He is flat one month to the next, literally eating at a senior nutrition center and getting week old bread. The only income he has is my rent and his Social Security hahahah. 24 years in public schools and he gets excited for cupcakes that had all the frosting scraped off them when someone dropped them at the grocery store. He's had a leaking heart repaired, two bypass surgeries...gout...blindness and senility and today I walked in to the kitchen to write down this sketch and all the burners on the stove were glowing red hot as he tried to stay warm. Of course he wasn't in the kitchen since it was still freezing cold. The heating system is only fixable by someone like me because a licensed pro couldn't be liable for working on it. and he'd know it would cost less to replace it. but the house isn't going to last so a new heating system makes no sense. but the persistence of our blood and mind as it painfully stumbles along in any condition can't be ignored. My labor is free so that's the big difference.
real funny stuff as Oggy electrocutes himself
The other tenants could not be more worthless or oblivious. one actually says he may have his right leg amputated after getting bitten by a brown recluse in the wood shed (his bedroom). The other can't pay me back $40 from three weeks ago...and the things he left as collateral are junk bones and arrowhead shaped rocks. I watch the reality shows on TV and it's not even a contest between my life and the lives of the reality show subjects. My life is like a combination of three or four reality shows...barter wars...mental illness, ice road truckers...addiction...hoarders...poverty. And all I want to know is what broke in this schematic. God let me fix this heating system before the house burns down! Better yet, how do I wire the blower motor to come on when the heat comes on.
revised schematic
for those who care, the only way I can post these pictures TO PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY TRY TO HELP ME on my DIY forum is to upload them here and then post the link in the DIY forum. obviously the people who read my blog are totally useless pansies who couldn't tell the difference between 24v solar panel system and a pair of sunglasses BECAUSE THEY ARE FUCKING ASSHOLES WHO DO NOTHING BUT COLLECT CHECKS AND WATCH OGGY SUFFER. TO Think that of all the 6 people who read this NOT ONE CAN EXPLAIN TO ME SIMPLY HOW TO TROUBLESHOOT THIS SYSTEM. How pathetic. We are a nation of used car salesmen who middlemen ethics to the lowest auction bidder. total cunts with no value. I almost resent the fact I have to post these practical pictures on my blog in order to share them with people who actually can do something with their life and don't just mark the days with dunkin donuts munchkins to fatten their chins and pot bellies some more so they need to buy larger and larger chinese made Old Navy sweatshirts. so disgusting and repulsive to drive in meaningless circles. you cheapskates and fuckwads!
revised schematic #2

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Anonymous said...

sorry, Oggy, but given the incredible detail of your drawings and the possible fact that the drawings are upside down and the writing is indechiperable, I can't help you. Good luck!

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